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Genel Bilgiler
İş Olanakları
Öğrenci Mesajı
Gerekli Koşullar

+-Ders İçerikleri
YEAR 1      
REM500 Research Methods CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:8
JRB532 Current Problem of Press and Manipulation CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:7
FREL500 Free Elective CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:7
JRB501 Mass Communication Systems CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:8
CMN504 Media and Language CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:7
JRB502 Communication and Law CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:8
JRB533 News Analysis CR:(3,0)3 ECTS:8
TSES580 Seminer in Thesis Research CR:(0,0)0 ECTS:7
YEAR 2      
THEM590 Thesis in Journalism and Broadcasting CR:(0,0)0 ECTS:30
THEM590 Thesis in Journalism and Broadcasting CR:(0,0)0 ECTS:30






Research Methods

During the course it is aimed to teach students research methods and regulations, rules about the formal content in the field of communication. Through this, library, internet, observation techniques, sampling, preparing questionnaire, interview, content analysis, make statistics and to collect data via related field methods, writing report and presentation skills will be examined. After getting enough knowledge practicing will be expected from the students.


Current Problem of Press and Manipulation

The advancement of the Turkish Press in the TRNC and Turkey, the situation of the press regarding technological developments, responsibility of the press in socio-economic development, relationship between state and media, problems of finance, personnel, management, market and distribution, Basın İlan Kurumu and its responsibilities, legislations, monopolisation and censorship will be investigated during the course.


Mass Communication Systems

During this course birth of mass communication systems, how they reformed by political cultural legal and economical factors within a specific period, liberal and critical within the historical period, negative- positive approaches at mass communication will be explored. Moreover, relationship between communication world and its practices within different historical process and social changes, media-ideology, media-culture, media-democracy relationship will be examined; mass communication systems of countries like France, England, Germany and USA will be explored.


Media and Language

Language is the most important factor during the socialisation process. Nowadays, language enabled any print and press opportinities, idea and information exchange. Mistakes because of using language during the media production in wrong way, expression disorders, making observation, thinking, planning the subject and style will be explored.


Communication and Law

Communication, freedom, media law and freedom of information at political regimes, legal regulations both before and after 1982 Constitution at Turkey mass media, practices of media law in TRNC, rights of ideas, copyright and likes will be hendled during this course.


News Analysis

Reasons of differences at the presentation of news that occur according to the politics of broadcast of TV institutions, radio, and newspaper-journal will be examined. By using Frequency, categorical, evaluator and any other analysis techniques; certainty, solving suspicion and to enrich the reading is forming the main purpose of the course. In addition to this various news even its topics will be analysed, number of news, column regulation, picturing and typographic peculiarities will be investigated