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+-Course Descriptions

Applied Social Psychology

Applied social psychology combines the science of social psychology with the focus at a wide range of social topics.  This exciting program provides a thorough explanation of how social psychologists can contribute to the understanding and management of different social problems encountered in the fields of physical and mental health, integration and immigration issues, gender issues, organizational issues, economic behavior, political behavior, environmental behavior, and education.  Social psychologists are trained to combine their knowledge of human behavior with scientific research methods and the empirical study of social phenomena; how social influence, social perception, social interaction, non-verbal behavior, conformity, aggression, and prejudice influence individual and group behavior.




Core Courses:

Year 1: Fall Semester

MSPSY500 (3,0)3 Current Issues in Social and Applied Psychology

MSPSY501 (3,0)3 Applied Social Psychology

MSPSY502 (3,0)3 Advanced Organizational Psychology

MSPSY503 (3,0)3 Advanced Topics in Inter-group Relations

MSPSY504 (3,0)3 Advanced Health Psychology: Psychosocial Processes in Health and Illness


Year 1: Spring Semester

MSPSY505 (3,0)3 Advanced Developmental Social Psychology

MSPSY506 (3,0)3 Research Methods for Social Psychology

MSPSY507 (3,0)3 Advanced Statistics for Social Studies

MSPSY… (3,0)3 Elective Course


Year 2: Fall Semester

MSPSY515 Master’s Thesis


Year 2: Spring Semester

MSPSY515 Master’s Thesis


Elective Courses:

MSPSY508 (3,0)3 Advanced Topics in Group Processes and Inter-group Relations: a Bio-social Perspective

MSPSY509 (3,0)3 Social Psychology of the Media

MSPSY510 (3,0)3 Psychology of Human Resource Development

MSPSY511 (3,0)3 Psychology of Criminal Conduct

MSPSY512 (3,0)3 Cognition and Culture

MSPSY513 (3,0)3 Advanced Topics in Personal relationships

MSPSY514 (3,0)3 Social Psychology of Economic Life

MSPSY (3,0)3 Social Psychology of Gender