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The production, analysis, publication, storage and retrieval of information have become crucial to the existence of most present day institutions. The need for management personnel who understand computer technology and its impact on today’s business operations has never been greater. The field of management information systems combines computer technology with management decision-making methods to analyse, design, implement, and manage computerized information systems in an organizational environment.

The Ph.D. program in MIS maintains a supportive teaching and research environment. Students are prepared to design and manage computer systems and related-technologies for any organization. Courses focus on the analysis of business systems, computer software and hardware concepts, network and telecommunication systems, advanced management and advanced research methods. Graduates will know how to use system building tools and packages; system simulation tools and packages; effectively use current analysis and design techniques for the development of information systems; examine the role of new and emerging technologies in areas such as the Internet, data communications and programming languages; use project management techniques and explore issues relating to the management and development of information systems; put personal and professional skills and ideas into practice, and work both individually and in teams. In addition to formal course work, objectives of the program are further supported through independent study and reading, research projects and thesis research where this research can lead to students authoring a paper or co-authoring a paper with one or more faculty members or other PhD students. Students are prepared for careers both in academics and the industry.


Program Requirements

+-Course Descriptions

Required Courses

MGMT601              (3,0)3                      Advanced Management

MGMT604              (3,0)3                      Advanced Research Methods


Core Courses

ISMA601                 (3,0)3                      Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence

ISMA602                 (3,0)3                      Advanced Topics in Software Systems

ISMA603                 (3,0)3                      Distributed Computing

ISMA604                 (3,0)3                      Advanced Programming


Elective Courses (select 1)

EDU603                  (3,0)3                      Advanced Statistics

EEN638                  (3,0)3                      Project Evaluation and Management

MGMT605              (3,0)3                      Advanced Report Writing in Social Sciences

MGMT606              (3,0)3                      Organizational Behavior


Required Thesis Work

ISMA630                 NC                          Seminar in MIS

THES600                               NC                          Thesis